Doorways of Oldenlight

 starting place a scream, the fire of a dream, lucidity seems secret equation of these things, pulling at long lost slow roasting strings. waking up to find the endless rotation come grinding to a halt but really nothing could stop and dampen the infernos burning, the hands of the batter bearer endless knot churning, spiderwoman webs pristine reckless unfurling, catching the whole of existence regardless of distance held in heavenly sleep awaken

stellation receptive. time and space in a dance. black holes burning white from bittersweet sides of trance. spectrum equilibrium dialed in and attuned, fire within fire acupuncture the vacuum. spider spread inside outside lines embrace, magnetism gathering her children to face, the light of the wonder penetrating drunken asunder. swollen stumbling brought to the center zero point, catapulting between eights and the smallest one voice. picnics in the wilderness, thought of home

chaos abound entropic intertwhining sound, all at once again singing to the core of the dancing. gone already the solar ship sailedall left in the gails… that blazed. now though thought cradled in sensational hands, the emergence balanced delicately with the well bought plans. the snails carried on and hoped that they would not be stolen, flattened on the green grass and eaten by mushrooms. all held with sparks toroiding

Joseph Songing Stodgel

One thought on “Doorways of Oldenlight

  1. This is so good, Joe, that you’re sharing your creative work via blog . . . I love the light in which you present the world thru your artwork, your music. Much love and warmth to you,


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