Driving the Earthship, Enfolding the Fountain

It is the first day of this most anticipated new year. 2012 we are offered the helm, to fly this Earthship rightly guided.

This reminds me – Gaia herself in her abundant giving has been offering us the keys for some time now, yet we chose to steal them instead and roll the planet to the edge of a great crevasse. Perhaps we are finally learning what is needed to respect and harness the power of the vessel that we glide through deep space upon and within.

Are we at last worthy of taking the planetary keys, and actually driving somewhere with meaning and intention? Or would we still rather burn copious amounts of fuel blazing through the wilderness, careening with a “f* yeah!” into the peaceful cacti exploding them to bits, a warm keg of make belief and distraction bouncing around in the back? Yes – we had our fun, and smashed the window, stained the rug and broke the spike-choked grill in the process. Damn it feels good to be a gangster, until…

…we pick up the pieces of the sphere we smashed and attempt to glue them back together.

My thoughts drift and stick back to that wonderful film The Fountain. Inside, all the while the dying wife (Gaia, the Queen of Spain, and the Tree of Life Herself) invites, asks, and eventually orders (all with a knowing smile) her troubled husband (Man, the overambitious soldier, and the Supramental First Father Himself) to…

“Finish It.”

The book of life that is. Her voice haunts us – I’m done writing this grand story upon and within (y)our DNA for now. It is y(our) turn to write, even though you are terrified of your brilliance. Stop using the pen to stab yourself and the ink to attempt to change your colors. Write the words. Take the keys and drive! The Earthship is yours if only you can wield it.

The Earthship is Us if only we can feel it…

Greetings from Pishwanton Wood, Scotland.

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