Of Quetzalcoatl, Neo and the Christ Compassionate

Spinning round and round, weaving the realization of spaceship nature. The light projected on the wall told the story of the jaguar man, diving and swallowed whole by the feathered serpent only to be regurgitated ad astra and back again, bringing back the secrets of the double helix and replenishing the light ball seduction that has forever intertwined the matrix of energy and organization.

Laughter engulfed me as I was subsumed in the momentary wonder. Time and space in a dance, man. The parallels let themselves be seen over the following months. Neo plunging into Agent Smith, exploding enfolding and imploding the Matrix, only to fly away and do it once more evermore. The Template speaking of the virus of Source consciousness come to infect us all, as with Philip K Dick’s great Plasmate channeled through Zebra smiling raucous dancing havoc upon the Black Iron Prison.

…and the man of The Fountain who at great last accepts the simple and ultimately challenging request of the Goddess, releasing his separative ego disease so utterly bent on saving Her rather than answering her call, and in his pride building Her the grandest of sand castles. Owning his invitation from the Great Mother to become fully Himself as formless First Father, he is consumed, cured and obliterated by the Light held of the Tree of Life, simultaneously giving unto Gaia back all that is Hers…

… as Christ compassionate gives his form as a massive stick in the spokes of Samsara.

One thought on “Of Quetzalcoatl, Neo and the Christ Compassionate

  1. Spacious naturalistisizm brother man.
    Time indeed is one to eat some hats and pick up the gloves…
    Take hold of that which is yours;
    organism we, I and I, jah’s eyes a wink… Grab hold the wand of pure wax, and be encouraged as once a flamed ever lasts ; )
    I resonate to harmonise a prayer
    Hear Gaia purr, Christs warm heart in every rain drop… God is in love
    let all our relation-ship a blaze and swiftly sway to hyper space, where all is I and I is love of love, awarely celebrate that which is. And so it is.

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