Paintings from the Love Tree

Here are some of the paintings I completed during the two year Climbing the Love Tree circumambulation of the planet:

The Four Elements - Manoa HI

Displayed at the Second Song of Source Show in Santa Fe – The Alchemical Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire

The Sisters of Kalalau Blessing - Santa Fe, NM

Painted for dear friend Joey and his bride – They met just around the spot depicted here.

Bajufe Cafe Sign - Santa Fe, NM

For a new festival raw food restaurant possibly opening in California.

Green and Orange Juxtaposition - Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

The first in finding images within chaotic and random paint throwing and swirling.

Blue Blasting Boatship - Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
Ishkaewa Ukulele - Montreaux, Switzerland

My dear accomplice on more than half of the journey, left and gifted eventually at Fairy Meadows in the light of Nanga Parbat ninth tallest mountain of Gaia.

Youth Camp Water Tank - Auroville, India

A service learning project integrating Vedic and Integral Yoga symbology at the Youth Camp guest house where the Living Routes project has at times been based from.

Namaste Bar Sign - Shangrila Old Town, Yunnan

Painted this sign for a local bar in Shangrila Old Town. Much thanks to Chuni and the guys at Namaste Bar – we had a joyous time circle dancing, singing and drinking.

Guru Padmasambhava and His Mantra - Cloud Hostel, Shangrila Old Town, Yunnan

Painted at the top of the stairs in a hostel for a week of stay and amazing Chinese food.

Self-effacement at the Left Hand of Geb - Prajna Bar, Dali Old Town, Yunnan

Traded to the good folks at Prajna Bar for as much as I cared to drink of Beer Lao Dark, Yunnan Sticky Rice Wine and Tibetan Barley Wine.

Monkey Experience - Spicy Laos Hostel, Vangvien, Laos

Traded along with a couple other signs for a night’s rest at the Spicy Laos Hostel in Vangvien.

Pak Mus Guest House Sign - Ketambe, Aceh, Sumatra

Painted during my stay with the Mus family in Ketambe, gateway to Gunung Leuser national park. Coffee from the back yard, fresh sambal, young jackfruit curries and durian dawoon. A helping of paradise.

Yin Yang - Northern Territory, AU

For a friend on his porch in the Northern Territory.

Soma High Vibe Organic Delights Sign- Ubud, Bali

Traded for a few fat sacks of cacao! Thank you so much to Rachel and the Soma crew!

© Joseph Stodgel 2012

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