We Are Tasked to Know and Be Ourselves

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We are tasked in this time of great change and transition to learn exactly who we are – interdependent beings that are only as strong and healthy as the life-forms and raw materials are that surround them. As we witness all around us and throughout the world the wholesale destruction and pillaging of the “natural capitol” of the planet – the once thriving and abundant biodiversity in places untouched by modern acts of human exploitation and extraction – we respond in a variety of ways to halt this process of self-immolation and suicide from actually terminally taking place. But at the same time we recognize that fighting against a system gone mad does a great deal to reinforce that madness, and makes the maniacs bent on filling their pockets because they can and have been taught to do so, come up with all sorts of new and innovative ways of wreaking havoc on their surroundings for the shortsighted benefit of “themselves”.

If these madmen, who are really just suffering from a spell of amnesia, were to have an experience of their interconnected nature, perhaps in the depths of a sweat-lodge or around an ayahuasca ingesting circle of initiates, then perhaps they would think twice before ransoming off their “humanity” and “gaianity” for the sake of stoking their bank accounts. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t take much for a human or another being to be happy and fit. All we need is a bit of food in our bellies, and a bit of wilderness to roam in, and the company and community of our friends and families. It really is quite simple… and yet we have been taught to believe that only through an endless grabbing for more and bigger toys can we be happy. This all arises from the initial dilemma from the lie that is taught – that we are irretrievably removed from each other and the natural world.

Just look at the act of breathing to have this lie revoked. The natural world floods into us with every in-breath, becoming us down to the cellular level. Then we exhale, a bit of ourselves and our cells entering into and becoming the natural world once more. We are locked into and forever bound in a dance of interdependence, whether we like it or not. Here and now we are challenged to let go of our infantile rebellion to the connection with everything that is, was and will be, and come back to the circle of life after the tantrum that we have been so extravagantly throwing. Yes please, it is time to come back to life now.

– Joseph Stodgel 1/14/14

5 thoughts on “We Are Tasked to Know and Be Ourselves

    1. Yes! I am familiar about both Pachamama and Eisenstein. He came to Santa Fe some months ago and spoke at a small gathering about what is taking place in New Mexico with future of nuclear weaponry and technology. I resonate with his work very much. This is a small video that is quite moving, perhaps you have seen it already but it’s worth a re-watch too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEZkQv25uEs Cheers!

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