We Are Tasked to Know and Be What We Eat

The Mouth of Sid
The Mouth of Sid – Oil Painting 2006

So the key concept within these writings is that we are a much larger being – Gaia – having a human experience. Because our internal worlds are so interconnected and interdependent with our external worlds, changes within one world correspond with changes within the other. Thus, the loss of biodiversity in our surroundings has corresponded with a loss of internal biodiversity. It is a well known fact now that by number there are more bacteria inside of our bodies than our own cells. As we have homogenized and drastically reduced the wealth and vast array of plants and animals on this planet, surely so too we have lost an internal biodiversity through the ingestion of fewer and fewer plant and animal foods and decimated internal bacterial populations through the heavy usage of antibiotics on a daily basis in medicine and regular doses fed to farm animals.

The population of certain humans has swelled in our exterior world, while the numbers of certain other peoples, animals and plants have dwindled and in all too many cases been completely exterminated. What could this correspond to within? Perhaps it is a loss of a wealth of all sorts of qualities and perspectives that we once possessed and had access to on some level. Perhaps it is a mining of health from our various organs for the sole benefit of the analytical brain. Perhaps it is a weakening of the internal beneficial flora and with that a prior held immunity and strength that has led to the current levels of sickness, disease and cancer that humanity is experiencing. Perhaps it is a hole being dug into a space where only the human voice can be heard; no longer the roar of lion, the flutter of hummingbird, the melodies of birdsong or the croaking of frog.

Let us look to a factory feedlot cattle operation. Fenced-in partitions stretch to the horizon, packed with no life save the fattened cattle with numbered plastic earrings. Soon they are headed for their sure demise, dismemberment and polite packaging on the fluorescent lit shelves of super markets. At an early age they horns are cut, and they are made to grow in the way that seems fitting for their human masters. If they have been granted the honor above others they have a tiny space to move in, and I imagine grow terribly bored with their situation. If they lie down, they choose to do so in the accumulated shit of their peers which can be smelled for miles in every direction. They live in fear of their masters until the day they die.

These beings turned to meat are then fed to and consumed by people as some of the cheapest, and in the cases of public schools, subsidized meals in the USA.1 We can certainly find the internal parallels in a great deal of the youth today. At an early age children are circumcised in one way or another, cut down so as to grow in a way that seems fitting for their masters. They too are packed into boxes where they are the only things living, are immunized and fed mixtures of antibiotics. Many become obese just like the cattle, grow terribly “bored” with their situations, and sadly live in fear until the day they die. To see those contributing to and laying in the accumulated shit of their peers one need only look at a modern day comment board on a popular video website or in response to a polarized article.

Could you imagine that this act of eating feedlot cattle is one of the major factors that will determine the future of humanity and life on Earth? “According to a 1996 report… 72 acres of rainforest are destroyed every minute, mostly by impoverished people working for multinational corporations, who are cutting and burning the forest to create agricultural or pasturelands to grow beef for the export to the United States.”2 Now, nearly 20 years later and with more than a billion people added to the surface of the Earth, do you suspect that the pace has slowed? Around 70% of rainforest deforestation is said to be the result of cattle farming.3 “The United States imports two hundred million pounds of beef every year from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama – while the average citizen in those countries eats less than the average American house cat.”4 The lungs of the planet are being destroyed, and with that the last remaining buffer to runaway climate chaos, to keep the Fugue States of American populace well fed with the confinement, laziness, boredom, obesity, fear and death also known as feedlot beef. Truly, what you are is what you eat. Please come back to life.

– Joseph Stodgel, 1/15/14


  1. Fast-food standards for meat top those for school lunches by Peter Eisler, Blake Morrison and Anthony DeBarros, USA TODAY, http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/education/2009-12-08-school-lunch-standards_N.htm
  2. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann, Three Rivers Press, 2004.
  3. Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General quoted at http://evolvecampaigns.org.uk/evolve/environment.aspx Full quote: “70% of rainforest deforestation is the result of cattle farming. “We have all heard of the web of life. The way we live threatens to trap us all in a web of death.
  4. Diet for a New America by John Robbins, H.J. Kramer, 1987


3 thoughts on “We Are Tasked to Know and Be What We Eat

    1. Aloha Greta! I have known about Codex for some years now and have always been a bit shocked by the ideas and possibilities there. It seems to be certainly the desire of biotech and huge food corporations though – to patent and control every leaf and seed the world over. I think that people are deeply offended by such non-sense though at the core of their beings and bodies, and are repulsed by such tinkering with and controlling of nature. The more people that have an experience of their feet planted on the Earth – who wake up to themselves as part of the Earth – then the more these plans of food-domination and homogenization will reveal themselves for what they are: extremely undermining and bad ideas.

      Thanks for the reply.

      1. I don’t know if the Codex stuff is for real, but degenerative diseases are certainly the source of massive profits. Can you imagine the economic upheaval that would ensue if everyone starting eating unproccessed food and reclaimed their health? I’ve studied alternative health approaches for about 30 years now and know their power from direct experience. So many highly effective nautral healing approaches can’t be widely accessed because of the stranglehold of big pharma on health care systems. Things have changed a bit with the wonders of the information age and I do see some progress, but as a nation we’re far more diseased and unhealthy than we were even 20 years ago. Many people lack knowledge about how to prepare even simple meals from real food. And many others simply can’t access real food in their communities. I am worried about where we’re headed. I agree-the ossified notion that humans are disconnected from the rest of nature underlies most of our current ails. But are more people waking to experiences of connectedness with the Earth or are more people playing Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto? I am hoping the balance will eventually shift. And I enjoyed reading your writings.

        I hope you are enjoying your time in CA.

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