Martian Dream Drawing Inversion

martian2 d and d invert

This is one of the drawings (inverted) that I made in 2013 for Jason Horsley’s investigative work entitled Crucial Fictions. The website can be found at The piece depicts a bit of what is covered in through the writings and project, such as the possibility of high level Governmental involvement in top-secret projects involving the Grey aliens, and the creation of autistic children to serve as a medium for communication and exchange with such entities.

I am releasing this now again in part because I am now reading a very fascinating book by Bob Frissell entitled “Nothing in This Book is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are”, wherein these subjects are covered in some detail. The main aspect worth focusing on is how Frissell arrives time and again in the book at the conclusion and realization that we are all on this Earthship together, and are challenged to find a way to make everything we do a win-win situation for everyone.

– Joseph Stodgel 1/29/14

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