Soon to Go Live with Fellowship Crowdfunder

5x5 TTP s

Greetings Spoke of Source Friends!

Yesterday dear friend Rob Woodford put the final touches on the video for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign which will go live in the next 24 hours or so and run through the month of February. The video features some awesome acted parts with friend Nicole Hogan, a song and rap that I composed for the project, and a bunch of the artworks that are on offer as campaign perks.

What is the campaign for you ask? A few months ago I was accepted to a fellowship in New York City with The DO School. Even though my flight and tuition is covered and housing subsidized, I need to raise some much needed money for living expenses and transport in the Big Apple.

The fellowship is designed to give young entrepreneurs like myselfthe tools and knowledge to implement and sustain projects such as those of Only Green Design with my brother James Stodgel and the Trash to Treasure Festivals in South Africa with friends like Candice Mostert and Nicola Vernon.

Stay tuned for the campaign!

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