Jo’s Notes: Henri Bortoft at the Schumacher College, Sept 2011

Bortoft 1 s Bortoft 2 s Bortoft 3 s

These are some of my first Holistic Science notes that I took at the Schumacher College in Devon, England. The late Henri Bortoft joined us on our first week of focused study and took us on a journey through and introduction to phenomenology and the science of Goethe. These notes are a collection of the images and words that he shared with us and point towards topics and facts and ideas, yet defy a logical form of explanation.

Henri Bortoft was a massive inspiration for many of the students of the Schumacher College. I brought his work into many of the papers that I wrote during my year of study. This was especially the case with my dissertation where I related the concept of authentic wholeness to upcycling as well as community engagement and activism. Below you will find a link to the work of another project of mine that focused on music: a song that I wrote in tribute to Henri Bortoft and his ideas.

I will be drawing up similar notes during my upcoming fellowship program in New York City with the DO School, and sharing them every two weeks with my crowdfunding campaign supporters. Access the campaign here to learn out more.

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