My Deep Thanks to Daphne

2014-02-23 15.08.12 s
a first sight in NYC

I hoisted my heavy pack, climbed off the bus and took my first steps onto the pavements of New York City where I would soon begin a ten-week fellowship program with the DO School. After taking some pictures and a short video explaining briefly my setting and location, I glanced across the street to see a sign with the name Dafni on it. Immediately I was reminded of a pressing desire to write a bit about my faithful chariot, a 1990 Honda Civic wagon named Daphne.

Daphne s
one of the most awesome rides ever made

Last summer I gathered the money to buy Daphne and give her a couple of new tires. In the months since then I have traveled more than 10,000 miles with her, over many a mountain pass and from New Mexico to California and back twice. We celebrated her 200,000th mile in Oakland, just before she lost compression in one of her cylinders and began a chugging in her engine that continues today. Other smaller issues presented themselves as well and were fixed in turn, namely her brakes, starter and distributor.

Daphne's Alter s
on the road with Daphne

It seems that many held the thought that Daphne wasn’t going to make it back to New Mexico this time around to deliver me safely for my impending departure to New York City. I questioned taking my painting rug or massage table, lest I end up putting my possessions on a greyhound or amtrak, but in the end somehow knew that she would make it. Somehow… epically… she made it to Santa Fe. A day later her back right wheel was locked up – she was going nowhere for sometime. Here and now I give her great thanks and a deep bow for all of her oil-burning hard work, and look forward to putting in the hours this summer to get her on the road once more.


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