Wilhelm (work in progress)

This is a sketch that has been stashed in my desk for time enough. It is a portrait of scientist Wilhelm Reich as a child, interspersed with the “Diagram depicting psychosomatic identity and antithesis” that he came up with in his later years. Reich was the pioneer of psychiatry, cloud-busting technology, and the science of orgone (life-force energy) collection and dispersal.

I am interested in portraying individuals with a sense of depth into their inner lives. There are personal symbols… things that people identify with or express, or else representations of personal evolutions as seen in images of child, adult and elder.  This and works of Reich to follow are an ode to him and his work to honor and validate the basic forces that inform our lives.

“Love, work and knowledge are teh well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.”*

* Reich, Wilhelm. The Function of the Orgasm. 1942, 1948 Orgone Institute Inc.

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