Green Home: South Africa’s Source for Biodegradable Packaging

A week ago I flew down to South Africa to help for a few days with this year’s edition of the Trash to Treasure Festivals. My dear friend and business partner Candice Mostert picked me up from Cape Town International Airport.

Before returning to the Green Park in Greyton we had to run a few errands including picking up all sorts of biodegradable goods from Green Home for usage at the Festival. Here are some shots from their store front in Ottery:

– Joseph Stodgel, 4/18/14

Cupcycle Artworks on Display and Auction 4/22 in Dumbo

The acquisition, cleaning, stapling, flattening, opening, nailing, and painting of single-use coffee cups has occupied a lot of my time for these last few weeks. I am excited to see what comes of it all in the next few days as we prepare for the final Good to Go exposition and event for the Sustainable Cup Challenge which we are planning.

If you are in NYC, then come join us in Dumbo on 4/22 at the reclaimed wood showroom of the Hudson Company, from 6 to 9. There will be a bit of live music, food and refreshments, the unveiling of a collaborative piece with a local stitch-master, and a silent auction of the coffee cup canvas panels which 14 artists (myself included) have been tasked to paint/create on.

The eventbrite page can be found at:

The DO School Visits The Hudson Company

Several days ago the DO School fellows and Challenge Lab facilitator Scott Francisco took a short walk from the Made in NYC Media Center to the nearby Hudson Company in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The Company was founded by a man named Jamie Hammel who chose to apply his business education to the arts of fine woodworking and reclamation.

When he began his research on the subject, he discovered a small group of productive woodchucks who were deeply passionate about wood but lacked the business knowledge to work on a larger scale or with more mainstream clients and firms. In response he established his business to offer a platform for these fine woodworkers who were so diligently rescuing and upcycling old timbers from abandoned or condemned buildings such as old barns and tobacco mills.

I was pleasantly delighted and surprised to walk into the showroom, where a variety of woods hang, most of them samples of one of a kind “limited batches”, and some of them hundreds of years old. The company focuses mainly on flooring and interior design applications but shares the showroom with Mark Jupiter, a man and his crew who are making beautiful furniture with the woods that Jamie sources and processes at a mill 90 miles to the North of NYC. I look forward to visiting the mill one day with my brother James who is also a passionate woodworker and currently making furniture in Santa Fe, NM from reclaimed shipping pallets. Some of his past work can be found here.

All the best to Jamie, his crew and their upcoming projects such as the flooring of the new Whitney Museum in NYC.

– Joseph Stodgel 3/14/14